Session 1.9: Green Roof Parking, Family Housing, Palladio

APA Federal Planning Division


Friday, May 5, 2017
2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

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This session will include a brief background discussion of the planning project and purpose with highlights of three salient planning aspects.
1) Planning for Housing | Over the last decade, the planning and construction of facilities for family housing shifted to RCI and public-private partnerships. This briefing will include discussion of the current planning and construction standards and comparison of those requirements in context of more common requirements for installation planning (ATFP and planning UFCs)
2) Green Roof Parking and Park Structures | This innovation consolidates parking with sustainable and green initiatives that does not detract from neighborhood livability. With a cost of approximately 5% of the construction, this design is implementable offers a viable solution to the parking paradox.
3) UFC 2-100-02, Palladio, and Installation Vision | Using 3d modeling, and iterative design process, the project team developed and refined a staged strategy to transform a 1960 neighborhood into a walkable and vibrant community for military families.


Christopher Anderson

Confirmed Speaker

Chief Master Planning USAG Italy

Erik Johnson, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Erik O. Johnson, AICP is a project manager/contracting officer representative for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Engineering and Support Center; Huntsville, Alabama where he oversees a variety of planning and programming contracts for master plans, area development plans, requirement analysis, military construction project data planning charrettes, economic ... Read More

Wayne Hausser, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Wayne W. Hausser, PE, AICP Masters City Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology; Masters Strategic Studies, US Army War College; BS Mechanical Engineering Mr. Hausser has over thirty years experience with community design, environmental planning, civil engineering, construction planning and programming, and federal facilities. He currently is a consulting Senior Planner ... Read More

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