Session 1.4b: Choosing Smart Locations, A New Tool for Siting Workplaces

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, May 4, 2017
3 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

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How does a public real estate agency determine where to locate its office space? Factors such as cost and square footage, easy to measure and rank, have always been part of the equation, but what about commitments to make operations more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly those associated with travel and commuting?

GSA, the Federal Government’s landlord, needed data to evaluate sustainable locations easily and defensibly across it's nationwide inventory.  From this need, and through a partnership with the EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities, a new tool, the Smart Location Calculator (SLC), was born.  The tool is now fully operatational and immediately available for use by federal agencies and the public.

In this session, attendees will learn how public real estate agencies (federal and state) are using the SLC to evaluate the performance of their facility locations, inform their site decisions, and why that matters to regional employment, the environment, and social equity. They'll also learn how the SLC is being used to change behavior regarding facility site selection, track improvements over time, and incentivize more sustainable decisions.


John Thomas

Confirmed Speaker

John Thomas is the Policy Director for EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities. He works on sustainable transportation and land use planning issues at the Federal level and provides technical assistance to state and local governments. John is a contributor to several Federal initiatives working to advance sustainability, including the ... Read More

Ruth Kroeger, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Ruth Kroeger, AICP, is a Community Planner for the Urban Development Program at the US General Services Administration. She provides technical planning assistance to regional project teams around the country and works to integrate location efficiency and community planning principles into agency business practices. She also manages the Urban Development ... Read More

Frank Giblin, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


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