Session 2.8: New York Region Climate Change Adaptation Projects

APA Federal Planning Division


Friday, May 5, 2017
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

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This presentation will show the strength of providing full service consulting to assess, model, and plan for climate risk and resiliency and a portfolio of Federal projects in the New York region. We will provide an overview of key Federal projects in the New York region that utilize our comprehensive approach to analyzing vulnerabilities and assessing the impact of climate change results in effective and efficient adaptations to operations, facilities and infrastructure. Including climate considerations into decision processes reduces costs for mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Our presentation will start by outlining the methodology to develop an installation development plan adapted to overcome the impacts of climate change. We will present key stormwater and habitat enhancement projects recently completed or underway in the New York region highlighting the advantages of full service environmental, planning, engineering, and design services coupled with extensive climate change assessment, mitigation and adaptation experience to deliver a comprehensive plan to reduce the impacts and cost of events caused by climate change. We engage with stakeholders in all fields of study, assisting in early project definition, evaluation, and strategy development through project implementation. The projects we will present will focus on Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments (Confronting Climate Change and Population Growth Effects on New York City Sewer and Wastewater Systems), Modeling of Coastal Processes (Rockaway Boardwalk Structure Rehabilitation, Long Island, NY), other projects we will discuss include: LES Coastal Resiliency, USFWS Living Shoreline, Coastal Resiliency Project for NJ shoreline, Ellis Island Restoration, Green Infrastructure Planning Program, Howard Beach Restoration, Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge Coastal Restoration, and the MCAS Iwakuni Stormwater Study .


Mark Jaworski

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Emma Del Vento, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Emma Del Vento is a Federal Urban Planner and Project Manager with 17 years experience, specialized in capital investment analysis, and with extensive experience in a variety of sectors including: master plans, asset management, short-term planning for combat operations and disaster preparedness, sustainability, resilience planning and regulatory compliance across the ... Read More

Kira Zender, AICP

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Frank Smith, AICP

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Frank Smith serves as the Director of Military Installation Planning at CH2M. Frank is responsible for all operations and business development for the Federal Planning Discipline. He leads a team of planners who have delivered $35M in planning projects in the past 5 years encompassing 75 planning products and winning ... Read More

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