Session 3.3: Explosive Storage Planning and Magazine Characterization & Identification

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, May 4, 2017
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

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The presentation will introduce the attendees to the recent major updates to Section 420 of the UFC as well as the new MSRC methodology.  Demonstrations of practical uses of this new methodology will be presented.  These practical demonstrations will include generating BFRs, MILCON support, recapitalization studies and BRAC analyses.  Use of the MSRC by Navy Planners and Naval Munitions Command planners has been directed by OPNAV to ensure consistent analysis techniques for all ammunition storage planning.  This combined with the NOSSA requirement to have all NAVY explosives safety site plans completed by 2021 makes the MSRC an indispensable tool for NAVFAC planners and NMC planners. Demonstration of the NOSSA Magazine Design Type Identification Guide and the accompanying MCAR and CODEX systems for magazine identification will be important to all Navy planners and anyone who interacts with information in the iNFADS real property inventory system.



Chris Kolhman

Confirmed Speaker

NAVFAC Atlantic - Asset Management

Christine Mintz

Confirmed Speaker


Tyler Ross

Confirmed Speaker

Dr. Tyler Ross is a licensed civil engineer and holds a PhD in structural engineering.  He is the lead developer of the NAVFAC Magazine Storage and Requirement Calculator (MSRC) and a co-author for the updated planning methodologies for explosives storage in UFC 2-000-05N.  He currently leads the structural engineering and ... Read More

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