APA Los Angeles Leadership Program - Meeting No. 4 - Diversity & Inclusion

APA California Chapter, Los Angeles Section


Friday, April 14, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 11:33 a.m. PDT

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In our increasingly diverse yet increasingly disparate society, too often professionals and workplaces fail to acknowledge that we have a particular lens from which we view the world and overlook how identities influence our work. We see that in many areas, race, class, gender and other "identities" determine life outcomes such as whether folks have access to clean water, quality schools, etc. Our 21st Century leaders must be encouraged to be aware of their privilege, biases and blind spots, and adapt their leadership styles to overcome these limitations. 
As much as we need to hone conventional leadership skills (ex. understanding of values, communication styles, negotiation), we also need to be sensitive to all aspects of diversity in order to lead in an inclusive and equitable way in the 21st Century. 
The objectives for this session are to:
1. Increase participant familiarity with diversity and inclusion.
2. Increase participant comfort with the topic of diversity and inclusion.
3. Improve participants’ ability to build rapport and communicate effectively across human difference.


Susana Rinderle

Susana Rinderle, MA, ACC, President of Susana Rinderle Consulting, LLC, is a trainer, coach, speaker, author and diversity & inclusion expert. She helps leaders and organizations solve a pressing problem or go from good to great through the power of inclusive leadership and effective communication. Susana holds a B.A. in ... Read More

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