Air Force Day, Presentation 4: Enterprise-Wide Planning Tool

APA Federal Planning Division


Wednesday, May 3, 2017
3 p.m. - 4 p.m. EDT

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Have you ever wondered what all the data in the Installation Development Plan could be used for when looked at from an enterprise-wide (Air Force-wide) lens?  In the transition from the Air Force General Plan to the Installation Development Plan (IDP), there are several chapters focused the data needed for making good planning decisions: Is there enough capacity at my installation to support additional people, airplanes, or missions?   What are the constraints to consider when considering major mission change or beddown?  The installation planner can answer these questions, but what if Higher Headquarters is considering several installations for a new mission?



This presentation will demonstrate the Enterprise-Wide Planning Tool, which synthesizes data from many sources, including the IDP, in order to allow for Air Force Planners at Higher Headquarters (e.g. Air Staff & MAJCOM) to consider many physical aspects of the installation development and capacity before requiring extensive installation level planning.  The presentation will demonstrate the importance of data sets included in the IDP to Air Force-wide planning efforts.


Paul Edwards

Invited Speaker


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Joshua Schiffer,