Legal & Public Finance Tool Updates, City Center Legal Case Study

APA Idaho


Wednesday, May 17, 2017
12:45 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. CDT

CM | 1.50
L | 1.50

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    1. How will the event offer a professionally relevant learning experience for a planner (e.g. for a planner with at least 4 years beyond earning a 2-year master's)?This session is professionally relevant for planners for several reasons: a) it will provide a updates on legislative changes made in Idaho that relate to planning activities; b) it will provide insight and update into recent changes to public financing tools that land use developers may wish to use and which planners should be aware of; c) finally, it will provide a case study of the legal frame work that was used for a large development project, which can relate to land use projects in other jurisdictions.
    2. How does this event meet a specific-planning related training objective? This session is specifically geared toward providing additional legal training/knowledge for land use planner in Idaho.
    3. What are the specific training objectives? What do you want attendees to learn from this event? This session is geared to provide general knowledge of legal changes in the State of Idaho, but also provide a practical case study to show how that legal knowledge and framework is applied on the ground. The objective is to not only provide the information, but provide a case study detailing how to use that knowledge in the planner’s own work.

                 Legislative and Case Law review – 20 minutes 

                  Public Finance Tools Update - 30 Minutes

                     Idaho 2020 Research on Public Financing tools 

                     Urban Renewal Law Updates

                     Community Infrastructure Districts Law

                     Possible future legal solutions 

                 City Center Case Study  - 40 Minutes



Matthew Parks

Mr. Parks’ practice emphasizes representation of governmental entities and civil litigation, with an emphasis on commercial and banking litigation. Mr. Parks received his undergraduate degree in English from Providence College and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Mississippi School of Law in May 2006, where he served as ... Read More

Geoffrey Wardle

Geoffrey Wardle grew up attending public hearings with his father, a planner and land use consultant, from the age of five. Therefore, it surprised no one that he specialized in land use entitlements after graduating from law school. Having served as land use counsel to a resort community, Geoff has ... Read More

Hethe Clark

Practice Areas: Real Estate; Zoning, Planning and Land Use; Commercial Litigation; Appellate Practice; Administrative Law Hethe Clark has significant experience in guiding clients through varied land-use approvals, from small subdivisions to large planned-unit developments and conditional use permits for various commercial operators. Mr. Clark’s real-estate practice includes drafting and ... Read More

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