The Citizens Behind The City: Communities Designed For Enduring Wellbeing

APA National Capital Area Chapter


Tuesday, October 3, 2017
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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Creating contemporary urban communities involves juggling regulations, politics, and, at times, conflicting creative directions. The community is not simply looking for livability, but also resilience. The challenge for design professionals is creating neighborhoods and buildings that endure through hardship and rebound rapidly so they flourish in any economic, environmental, or political change. Today’s regulatory environment strong-arms the design process, often disregarding the end user’s experience entirely. This interactive workshop addresses this critical issue, placing citizens at the center of the design process, where they belong. The session explores how leaders can leverage human-centered design tools to better anticipate residents’, employees’, and visitors’ wants and needs to create urban environments that don’t just survive, but thrive in any circumstance.


Bobby Boone, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Bobby Boone is responsible for aiding interdisciplinary teams by providing research findings and strategy that enables a multi-faceted understanding of the tools needed in the creation of neighborhood: branding and marketing, brokerage, design, etc. Bobby has facilitated the completion of market analyses and data driven strategies for placemaking, revitalization, and ... Read More

Hugo Rodrigues

Confirmed Speaker

Hugo’s career at Streetsense has built his skill set and position as a leader in all he endeavors. Hugo has planned, designed, detailed, and completed over 75 restaurant/retail projects to date. Hugo’s project work has focused on the restaurant/retail sector, including Matchbox, Ted’s Bulletin, Sixth ... Read More

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