America’s Next Stop Model: Better Ridership Forecasting Using GIS, GTFS, and Public Data



Friday, September 8, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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On the heels of FTA’s STOPS Transit Ridership Model come new techniques to further improve transit project modeling by using commonly available resources.  Presentations explore the use of GTFS to code transit model networks, Census and GPS data to develop trip patterns, and Open Trip Planner to generate travel paths.  Detail will also be presented on how to incorporate transit network data into a full, state-wide transportation model and options for analyzing service and fare equity.

  • Using GTFS, Big Data
    Alex Rixey, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner, Fehr & Peers, Washington, DC
  • Data Science Approach to Forecasting Bus Ridership 
    Catherine Lawson, Associate Professor, University at Albany, Albany, NY
  • Incorporating Transit into a Statewide Model Using a Multi-resolution GIS Network Database
    Jonathan Avner, Senior Project Planner, Whitman Requardt & Associates, LLP, Austin, TX
  •  Title VI Service Equity Analysis
    Nazrul Islam, Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, DC


Catherine Lawson

Dr. Catherine T. Lawson is Chair of the Department of Geography and Planning, Director of the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning. In addition, she is an Affiliated Faculty member of the Department of Informatics, in the College of ... Read More

M. Nazrul Islam, PhD, PE

Dr. Nazrul Islam is a transportation specialist for the Federal Transit Administration. He is working at FTA’s Office of Planning and Environment for the last nine years. Prior to joining FTA, Dr. Islam worked for a consulting firm for more than thirteen years, specializing in urban and regional transportation ... Read More

Jonathan Avner

Jonathan Avner has been involved in the development and application of travel demand models at both the urban and statewide scale for almost 20 years. His experience has included projects across the United States from Hawaii to Washington DC and points further east helping clients solve difficult transportation issues with ... Read More

Alex Rixey, AICP

Alex is a Senior Transportation Planner with Fehr & Peers DC and is Fehr & Peers’ bike share planning and operations expert. Alex has diverse multimodal project experience in travel demand modeling; transportation and parking studies; transit station master plan, station access plan, and citywide mobility element preparation; development of non-traditional transportation performance metrics; and bike share system planning, with an emphasis on analyzing the effects of built environment and demographic characteristics on ... Read More

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