What if we could read minds roundtable? (with lunch)

APA Colorado Chapter


Thursday, October 5, 2017
noon - 1:30 p.m. MDT

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As planners, we need help from different disciplines to successfully implement a transportation project (engineers, environmental professionals and public involvement experts). What if we could read each other's minds to better anticipate the needs of other disciplines during a project?! Come interact with an all ladies panel to learn more about professionals so you can work better with different professionals in your own projects. Come ready for discussions to work through an example project!  Cost: $25

Learning Objectives:

1. Resources and documents that different professionals rely on when working on a transportation project.
2. Important questions to ask professionals in a different role than you to help you work together better.
3. Overall goal and how different types of professionals see their roles on projects. 


Sara Ciasto

Confirmed Speaker

Sara is the Denver Roads and Highways Group Leader at David Evans and Associates. Sara’s 16 years of transportation design experience in local transportation and civil engineering projects, includes major highways, streets, interchanges, and utility coordination. She has also provided design support during the alternatives analysis phase of transportation ... Read More

Leah Langerman

Confirmed Speaker

Leah has 12 years of experience facilitating public involvement and agency coordination for all phases of transportation projects, including planning and environmental linkage (PEL) and planning studies, NEPA and final design. Her experience includes organizing public, agency and committee meetings, telephone town hall meetings, coordinating news and social media coverage ... Read More

Hannah Polow, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Hannah Polow, AICP is a transportation planner at David Evans and Associates in Denver. She brings a multimodal perspective to all of her work including: corridor studies, environmental projects, transit plans, intersection operations and bicycle/pedestrian improvements. Prior to joining the private sector, Hannah worked for Boulder County Transportation. She ... Read More

Kara Swanson, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


Stacy Tschuor

Confirmed Speaker

Stacy Tschuor is a Professional Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. She is the Denver Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning Leader at David Evans and Associates. She has over 20 years of experience in traffic engineering, with a focus on multimodal operational analysis, traffic control design, and transportation planning with comprehensive ... Read More

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Shelia Booth, sbooth@apacolorado.org