Build Maine – Safe Streets Tactical Repair

APA Northern New England Chapter


Thursday, June 8, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT

CM | 6

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As municipal budgets tighten, public works departments across the country are substituting expensive engineering studies with short-term pilot projects they can execute in-house to quickly and cheaply test ideas and gain public approval.  Join Stephen Edwards, and Patrick Kennedy, as well as the MaineDOT, staff from the Lewiston Public Works, Fire, and Police Departments for the installation of a temporary protected bike lane on Lincoln Street in Lewiston.  The workshop will involve a real-time physical installation in Lewiston, using MDOT approved plastic bollards, tape, paint, traffic cones, and other inexpensive materials. Tactics such as curb extensions, crosswalk striping, intersection narrowing, 4-way stops, and road diets will be installed and observed to assess the change in driver behavior and pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Learning Objectives:

1.       How to evaluate a street to determine if a short-term intervention can be accomplished to demonstrate how long-term investment can alter a street and provide for a range of users;

2.       How to design an intervention and use materials effectively, considering safety of all street users;


3.       How to work with multiple stakeholders to implement street projects and learn when to seek approval/sanction a project prior to install.


Stephen Edwards

Engineer, City of Memphis Traffic Engineering Service Center Read More

Patrick Kennedy

Urban Planner, NYC DOT

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