Creating the Virginia To-Do List: Fast Action Plans for Autonomous Vehicles (Part 2)

APA Virginia Chapter


Tuesday, July 18, 2017
3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. EDT

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Autonomous vehicles are not coming to Virginia – they are already here. Virginia is on the leading edge ofautonomous technology: from Governor McAuliffe’s strategy for AVs, to pioneering work at Virginia Tech, to Local Motor’s production of AV shuttles at National Harbor.

This poses a big challenge for planners: technology is moving faster than processes for incorporating innovation into comprehensive land use and transportation planning.

Educational Objectives:

This session is designed for “fast action” planning in which conference participants produce a useful product to expedite planning and preparation.

The education features:

 Background on autonomous vehicles and regulatory status.

 A short presentation of how AVs could operate in a real place for context (e.g. Crystal City Arlington VA)

 Facilitated table rounds with three questions: (1) how can AVs promote better community design, (2) what are potential negative impacts, and (3) what needs to be done to harness benefits while reducing risks in a near-term time frame? The questions follow four main prompts for ideas on research, questions, plans, and policy levers for: (1) land use, (2) transportation, (3) funding & revenue, and (4) other. This session will leverage collective and diverse knowledge of participants.

 Session leaders will conduct a report out of common themes among tables and next steps.

The session provides timely content, an efficient, engaging presentation and a useful product


Kelley Coyner

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Lisa Nisenson

Invited Speaker

Lisa Nisenson has 20 years of experience in sustainable city design and helping cities adopt innovation. She is founder of GreaterPlaces, an award-winning tech startup aggregating all aspects of city and transportation design in one site and a cohort company in the Smart City Works accelerator. She is also an ... Read More

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