Form-Based Codes: Implementation and Outcomes

APA Virginia Chapter


Monday, July 17, 2017
2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

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Increasingly, communities are examining their development regulations to determine the extent to which they may be posing an obstacle to smart growth. There has been a great deal of attention paid towards how development regulations have shaped our communities. The evaluation of development trends and the zoning requirements in many communities has identified serious problems associated with uncontrolled urban sprawl and the loss of community character. In many instances, conventional zoning regulations have been major contributors to the creation of a sprawling, automobile‐oriented environment that dominates many of our communities.

In response, planners and urban designers have begun promoting form‐based codes (FBC) as both a more predictable and streamlined mechanism for development approvals. FBC’s can be an effective tool in revitalizing our urban areas and creating new, more compact communities in suburban areas that reflect the principles of smart growth.

In addition to an introduction of the fundamentals of FBC’s, this session will highlight case studies from several local governments across the country to illustrate how FBC’s work in a wide range of settings and community sizes. Examples will be drawn from Virginia, Kansas, and South Carolina to demonstrate how these communities went about implementing their new codes, how they are administered, and subsequent outcomes.

All session attendees will come away with a solid understanding of how form‐based codes work and some of their advantages over conventional zoning. For those considering a form‐based code for their community, the session will outline the process for successfully creating and implementing a new code. The in‐ depth case studies will provide attendees with peer communities from which to learn and draw inspiration.


Justin Falango, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Justin is the Chief Architect and Urban Designer for Arlington County, VA. Prior to 2013, Justin was a Project Director at Dover, Kohl & Partners in Miami, and a Designer with Duany, Plater‐Zyberk & Company. He has been involved with more than 40 design charrettes throughout the United States and abroad ... Read More

Jason Beske, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Jason Beske is an urban planner and urban designer with expertise in civic engagement, comprehensive planning and site design. Jason is skilled in crafting strategies and policies for urban planning initiatives, as well as design solutions for the revitalization of corridors and districts. Jason is an experienced speaker and educator ... Read More

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