Updating Sign Codes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

APA Virginia Chapter


Tuesday, July 18, 2017
3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. EDT

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Sign regulations always seem to be the bane of a planner’s existence; there is an ever present struggle to balance the needs of businesses with community aesthetics and the administration and enforcement of regulations seems to be never-ending. To add to the fun, the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Town of Gilbert v. Reed case in 2015 made many a sign code unconstitutional in the blink of an eye. The purpose of this session is to discuss best practices in the process of updating your sign code, the meaning and impact of the Reed case, and some tips and tricks for creating modern sign codes based on common sense.

While this session will be in a lecture format, it will be designed with a lot of time for questions and answers because of the variety of issues with sign regulations in different communities. The primary value of the session will be to identify where communities are most at risk of being challenged on the constitutionality of their sign regulations and possible solutions as well as new ideas in sign regulations to help community planners think about modernizing their sign regulations.


Darren Coffey, AICP

Invited Speaker

Darren K. Coffey, AICP, is the Chief Executive Officer of The Berkley Group, a local government consulting firm based in Virginia. Darren earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Geography in 1992, his Master’s in Geography in 1993, his planning certification in 2000, and he has served as ... Read More

Wendy Moeller, FAICP

Invited Speaker

Wendy E. Moeller, FAICP, is a principal and owner of Compass Point Planning in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is also the Region IV Director for the American Planning Association. She has worked in the planning field since graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Urban Planning in 1996 ... Read More

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