How Health Happened –– Envisioning Public Health in Comprehensive Plans: Stories from Loveland, Longmont, Arvada and beyond!

APA Colorado Chapter


Wednesday, October 4, 2017
1:40 p.m. - 3:10 p.m. MDT

CM | 1.50

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The inclusion of public health and built environment considerations into comprehensive plans is becoming a widely recognized best practice.  However, even for those communities that have decided to address the topic in their plans, hurdles remain on how to do it successfully.  This session will look at the lessons learned and strategies used in Loveland, Longmont and Arvada to successfully create and implement plans that consider the impact of the built environment on health.

Learning Objectives:

1.  How to get health language and health outcomes into a comprehensive plan – strategies that were tried and tested.

2.  How to work with diverse stakeholders including public health professionals and health advocates.

3.  Implementation strategies and what potential future impacts/improvements might look like in these communities as a result of health in the comprehensive plan.


I.              Kick-off:  What IF every community had health in their comprehensive plan?  Hear a regional and national perspective on health in Comprehensive Plans  - Darcie White

II.            Local experiences that envisioned health in Comprehensive Plans –stories from Loveland, Longmont and Arvada – A panel presentation

A.    Background – a brief description of each community’s plan, including framing information, developing local context and messaging around health and the built environment.  This is an element of pre-work that was performed in all three communities, albeit done differently, to establish that health language and health outcomes should indeed be addressed to some extent.

B.    Plan drafting/creation process - a discussion about the initial vision for where and how health would/could be integrated into the plan, vs where it ended up.  Also, how and why a wide range of stakeholder groups was used to provide technical expertise, community involvement and leverage political support.  Experiences with engagement and outreach technics specific to health will be shared and examined for how other communities could use them successfully.

C.   Implementation - a discussion about where each plan is today, the strategies that are in play and what’s next for implementation and monitoring.  Health indicators and their alignment with other priorities in each community will also be presented.

D.   Lessons learned – a brief summary of each plan regarding community and political acceptance, approaches and processes.


III.           Audience participation/Q&A

CM Criteria:

1.    In this session, comprehensive plans, a fundamental component of the planning profession, will be presented in an impartial and nondiscriminatory format.  Attendees will benefit from the educational purpose of the session, including the stated learning objectives.

2.    This session will be lead by five AICP professionals with expertise in the development and implementation of comprehensive plans.  A lecture-style presentation will meet educational goals by delivering content with interest and variety.  Proprietary information will not be shared and the presentation shall be timed at 90 minutes to support 1.5 CMs.

A sign-in sheet shall be provided for recording attendance and a session evaluation form shall be provided to each attendee.


Erin Fosdick, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Erin Fosdick is a Principal Planner for the City of Longmont. Erin earned her Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver in 2007. Erin has 15 years of local and regional planning experience and has been with the City of Longmont’s Planning Division for ... Read More

Karl Barton, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Karl Barton is the Senior Planner in the City of Loveland’s Community & Strategic Planning Division. In Loveland, he is responsible for managing long range planning projects such as the recently created comprehensive plan, Create Loveland. Other recent work has focused on capital planning, analyzing the intersection between land use ... Read More

Kathleen Guthrie, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Katie Guthrie, AICP, is a Principal City Planner for the City of Loveland’s Public Works Department. She has over 20 years of city, county and regional planning experience. In Loveland, Katie focuses on infrastructure planning for people walking and people on bikes. She also supports community engagement and public ... Read More

Darcie White, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Darcie White, AICP, is a Director with Clarion Associates, based in Denver, Colorado. She is a planner and landscape architect with nearly 20 years of professional experience. She has been involved in planning and plan implementation efforts for local, regional, and non-profit agencies across the country. Ms. White specializes in ... Read More

Jeremy Call, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


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