What If Cities Lead the Way on Climate Change: Fort Collins’ Climate Action Plan

APA Colorado Chapter


Thursday, October 5, 2017
1:40 p.m. - 3:10 p.m. MDT

CM | 1.50

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Climate change is a global challenge, but cities are stepping up to lead the way in reducing emissions at the local level.  Staff from the City of Fort Collins will discuss their Colorado Chapter Honor Award winning Climate Action Plan, and how the City is working to make the plan a reality.  From goal setting and strategy development to implementation of transportation planning initiatives, learn how Fort Collins is tackling climate change.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Organizational innovations are necessary to help cities lead on important issues such as climate change.  Audience members will leave the presentation with a shared sense of how to introduce an organization-wide innovation to address strategic goals
  2. The panel will offer insights into the development of the interdepartmental cooperation and public/private partnerships that can help us reach our goals for an efficient future.
  3. Participants will benefit from the lessons learned and “how to” on long-range planning and implementation to meet the climate goals in their cities, with a specific focus on the transportation sector.


  1. Introduction of panelists
  2. Overview of climate change and the role of cities
  3. Fort Collins’ experience with climate goals and framework planning
  4. Developing strategies and tactics: engaging the community and making the business case
  5. How do you measure success?
  6. Case study: Multimodal Planning and Development
  7. What’s next for Fort Collins

CM Criteria

Many local governments and planning professionals are interested in aligning plan goals and policies with climate action objectives, but this is largely uncharted territory.  The City of Fort Collins is one of the local jurisdictions in the forefront of climate action planning, and can be a case study for understanding the processes for building an effective strategy for climate action.  This session will outline the role of cities in climate action, describe the planning and initiative development processes used by Fort Collins, and provide a focused review of how this process integrates with and informs transportation planning in the City.  The session will also include highlights of how the City has developed an internal infrastructure with horizontal and vertical engagement within the organization. This cross-departmental effort has engaged over 70 city staff members on a regular basis to ensure integration is not only occurring but is successful.

The proposed session will be led by subject matter experts who have been actively involved in the development of the City’s Climate Action Plan, its strategy and policy development, and the ongoing implementation of projects and programs.  Speakers will describe their experiences and lessons learned so that planners can apply these techniques to their own work.


As a part of the 2017 APA Colorado conference, this session would fulfill all requirements for CM approval.




Paul Sizemore, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Paul Sizemore, PTP, AICP is a professional planner and public administrator with a decade and a half of experience in municipal governance in Florida and Colorado. He is a certified planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners, and a certified Professional Transportation Planner by the Institute of Transportation Engineers ... Read More

Lindsay Ex, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Lindsay Ex, AICP, LEED Green Assoc., is the Climate Program Manager with the City of Fort Collins and a recipient of a Practitioner Fellowship through the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University. In her work with Fort Collins, Ms. Ex leads the implementation of the Climate Action Plan ... Read More

Lucinda Smith

Confirmed Speaker

Lucinda Smith has worked in public service for federal then local government on environmental protection for over twenty years. She currently is Director of the Environmental Services Department at the City of Fort Collins, part of the City’s Sustainability Services Area that works to inspire and promote economic, social ... Read More

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Shelia Booth, sbooth@apacolorado.org