Finding Common Ground: Public and private sector planners achieve common goals through the development process.

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Friday, October 6, 2017
10:40 a.m. - 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Finding Common Ground is a panel discussion that brings together four public and private sector planners to lead an exploration of strategies and approaches that can be utilized during the entitlement and development process that result in shared success between public and private sector planners.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants and presenters will engage in a discussion that will evaluate the development approval process.  Approaches and techniques will be shared that help both sectors navigate the sometimes confusing entitlement process and discuss strategies to break down the development process and provide approaches that lead to successful outcomes.

2.  Case studies about built project examples within the Denver metropolitan area as well as Summit County, Colorado that were the result of successful entitlement coordination and collaboration between public and private sector planners will be shared. 

3.  Participants will engage in a discussion about local government entitlement policies and procedures that helped successfully facilitate the development approval process and examples of some that were less effective.


The session will focus on entitlements and the development process and how public and private sectors can effectively work together, resulting in successful outcomes shared by both sectors. 

We will break down the development approval process and discuss what can sometimes go wrong and best approaches to utilize to reach common goals.  We will provide examples of built projects and share how collaboration between public and private sector planners resulted in a successful development process and final project.


Participants will be encouraged to engage in the discussion and to provide examples from their own communities, including strategies that have been effective in achieving common goals between the public and private sectors.

CM Criteria:

The participants will share objective examples of development projects and processes that are essential to an effective relationship between public and private sector planners to achieve shared goals within the planning field.  The entitlement process can appear to be a conflict between hard line private sector development constraints such as time, resources, concepts, profits, project costs, site development challenges and local government’s regulations, requirements, standards, criteria, and guidelines.  It is more effective, however, to remember that as planners, the goal should always be to create the best project possible and to clearly convey the expectations, criteria and objectives of both parties throughout the entire process.

This proposal meets the requirements for CM activities by:


(a) meeting a planning-related objective related to the entitlement process


(b) is unbiased and non-promotional, and


(c) communicates a clearly identified educational purpose associated with entitlements.


The session will be led by four experts on the subject matter discussed, using a learning panel discussion format that is appropriate to the activity's educational purpose. The presentation will include the use of materials that do not include proprietary information and will be timed in a manner consistent with the time for which the activity was registered.

Panel participants will record attendance and attendees will be able to evaluate the content.  Contact information will be provided to all attendees for the panel participants and Bill Mahar will be the designated point of contact who is responsible for the proper administration of the CM activity.


Lindsay Newman

Confirmed Speaker

Lindsay Newman is an Associate at the Frisco office of Norris Design with over six years of experience in planning and landscape architectural design for rural and mountain communities. Lindsay has been involved with both public and private sector projects, most recently focusing on the challenges of developing affordable housing ... Read More

Don Reimer, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Don Reimer is the Planning Director for Summit County, Colorado. During his time in Summit County, Don has worked on development of workforce housing for the County as well as private sector projects, and is currently leading his team on an overhaul of the County’s Comprehensive and Basin Master ... Read More

Bill Mahar, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


Timothy Williams, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


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