The Re-Vi Life Cycle – From ‘What If’ to Reality

APA Colorado Chapter


Friday, October 6, 2017
10:40 a.m. - 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Breathing new life into historic warehouses or abandoned mills can take a complex series of steps that might not be intuitively evident due to the interdisciplinary nature of these big, hairy projects.  Join us to explore key aspects of redevelopment to understand how they fit together from” What If” to Reality.  We’ll demystify the six stages of revitalization to help you map out an economic development strategy for redeveloping your downtown.

Learning Objectives: 

1)      Attendees will learn about the multidisciplinary nature of redevelopment

2)      Understand how to seamlessly link together a team approach to ensure complex projects don’t end up falling through the cracks


3)      Learn about sources of funding to start tackling complex redevelopment projects

4)      Strategies to merge economic development and revitalization


5)      Understand key design and regulatory adjustments that can lower the cost of redeveloping sites


As seasoned practitioners and frequent collaborators, this session will utilize a panel and presentation format with intertwined discussion points.  Rather than merging three several presentations into one, a cohesive approach will be developed to allow the presenters to play off one another’s stories and lessons, while encouraging interactive discussion with the audience.  This highly visual topic will include extensive images and videos to help communicate key concepts, while introducing the key steps necessary to successfully transforming the tumbledown into a thriving landmark.


We’ll begin by introducing the concept of the revitalization life-cycle by stepping through an illustrative infographic.  Starting with digging up the skeletons, building owners should know what’s hiding beneath the soil and within the walls of their legacy buildings.  Once they’ve explored the background conditions, it’s time to strategize about how to be move forward with a vision – including animated project videos - that gets folks excited about the potential while outlining possible funding opportunities.  Next we bring in the architects to look at existing structural components where our team will discuss the benefits of emerging 3D scanning technology to deliver ‘as-built’ drawings.  The planning groundwork, architectural design and securing of capital can mystify even seasoned developers.  We’ll highlight secrets to success while providing an overview of associated cost magnitudes.

The panel will highlight examples of derelict buildings, providing an overview of the complications that can throw up roadblocks to redevelopment, along with strategies to help navigate to success.  Key discussions will also include hints on working with other allied disciplines to streamline the process for property owners.

CM Criteria

1) The presentation addresses redevelopment and revitalization, based upon innovative, discipline-crossing initiatives, that will give participants tools to achieve success.

2) The presenters are all recognized experts in planning, landscape architecture and environmental engineering, the format will be conducive to an energetic and informative exchange of non-proprietary ideas, and will be timed to match the approved session length.


3) We will use conference approved means of collecting attendance and evaluating the session and will coordinate with the conference CM administrator.


Ann Christensen

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Matthew Ashby, AICP

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Matt is a trailblazer in community development. After 15 years of public sector service, Matt moved to the private sector in 2015 Using his local government roots to help communities advance their vision, Matt is well versed in downtown development, comprehensive and strategic planning, as well as code writing, design ... Read More

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