Engaging, Retaining, and Developing the Emerging Planning Professional

APA Colorado Chapter


Friday, October 6, 2017
1:25 p.m. - 2:25 p.m. MDT

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Finding and retaining exceptional talent is a challenge for any generation but even more so with emerging planners. Come listen as emerging planning professionals discuss their attraction and motivation their current and previous role and in general their experiences navigating their nascent careers. Brought to you by APA-CO’s Emerging Planning Professionals

Learning Objectives:

1. Emerging planners will learn about empowering themselves to reach their professional goals.


2. Organizational leaders will learn what motivates emerging planning professionals in their careers.


Planners come out of school ready to make a difference. However, they often begin their careers with entry level planning jobs focusing on the minutia of development review or other work that may not seem (in an obvious way) to be a part of enacting the "change" they may have thought they signed up for. So, this session is designed to address the following questions: 1) How does a new planner stay engaged and feel a part of the larger picture of planning while they work their way up? 2) What do leaders need to know about what motivates emerging planners, and what they can do to help their junior personnel become more fulfilled in entry-level work and ultimately realize their full potential.

Criteria for CM Approval

1.Presentation meets a planning-related objective

2.Presentation is unbiased and non-promotional

3.Presentation communicates a clearly identified educational purpose or objective.

4.Presentation is led by one or more experts on the subject matter discussed

5.Presentation uses learning methodologies and formats that are appropriate to the activity's educational purpose

6.Presentation involves the use of materials that do not include proprietary information


7.Presentation is timed in a manner consistent with the time for which the activity was registered for CM credit


Jonathan Cappelli

Confirmed Speaker


Anthony Avery, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Anthony Avery currently works as a Sr. TOD Project Manager with Sound Transit. He specializes in TOD scope development and delivery throughout the Puget Sound region. After serving in the US Navy he earned an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development at ... Read More

Matthew Jones

Confirmed Speaker

Matt hails from our Nation’s Capital Washington, DC where he has worked on various projects like planning for bus rapid transit in Montgomery County, MD and the massive redevelopment of Washington’s Union Station. As a transportation planner for the City of Boulder, Matt works on many of the ... Read More

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