Where the Sidewalk Ends: A Hands-On Mobility Fieldtrip and Scavenger Hunt

APA Virginia Chapter


Tuesday, July 18, 2017
2:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. EDT

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How easy would it be to get around your community without a car?   This field project will explore how people in your community access services, recreation, employment, and civic resources without access to a motor vehicle.  Participants will be assigned to one of six teams that will explore Roanoke in a scavenger-hunt style activity, with each team assigned goals based on the needs of a fictional character.   How easy is it to visit the doctor if you are pushing a stroller?  How does an elderly citizen access necessary services when she can no longer drive?  How can a carless job-hunter access employment?  Participants will learn how everything from infrastructure to access to information can enable or limit a citizen’s mobility.  After the field trip, participants will have a chance to meet and discuss their experience with the rest of the group.

The scavenger hunt will challenge participants to take on the role of one of 6 different carless individuals and will be required to undertake a series of required and optional tasks in real time.  In the process, they will come to understand how everything from sidewalk quality to technology access influence the ways a wide variety of people can – or can’t – access basic services.  They will also be challenged to pay attention to a host of small details about a community’s transportation infrastructure – can they find a bus stop with a shelter?  Where is bicycle parking located?  How can they access transit information?  By taking on the challenge in real time, they will also come to understand the limits that being transit dependent can place on an individual’s ability to access employment, services, and basic civic life.


Jeremy Holmes

Invited Speaker

Jeremy Holmes has been Program Director of RIDE Solutions since 2006 after an eight-year stint in the Circulation department of The Roanoke Times. A native of San Diego, California, he came to Roanoke with his family in 1989 and his witnessed the transformation of the Roanoke Valley from a small ... Read More

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