NeoCity Unbound: The Rebirth and Cultivation of Judge Farms as a Technology Center

APA Florida Chapter


Thursday, September 7, 2017
4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. EDT


The launch of NeoCity introduces America’s largest research facility oriented exclusively to testing and applying sensor technology, showcased most visibly in smart phones but literally the driving system in hundreds of applications which are almost the subject of science fiction. Learn how Osceola County managed to position itself and invest in a transformative technology showpiece with the potential to create literally thousands of jobs based on the current plan being implemented on an old sod farm.

This session illustrates the extraordinary challenges and rewards in cultivating and implementing a transformative strategy which is a substantial departure from the existing narrative. 

This session has merit and value because all planners must deal with the multitude of challenges is committing to a specific redevelopment and economic development strategy, especially following a pathway substantively different than one based on existing resources or the expected trajectory. Local demands to alter the existing composition of a local economy tax almost every planner, whatever the core of expertise or specific interests, as emphasis shifts to economic development and away from regulatory control.

Each of the proposed speakers has dealt with the issues outlined as part of the NeoCity planning team. The views are both public and private.  The parties have agreed to focus on key planning principles as these are generally described above, providing information and perspective which should be seen as valuable to our membership.  The use of PowerPoint and other supporting material offers media which effectively curate the session.
Each of the proposed speakers has dealt with the issues outlined above as either a senior planner or economist.  They are acquainted with the objectives of the session and the forum typically used to maintain the educational and professional objectives of APA.


Kerry Godwin, AICP

Invited Speaker

Osceola County's Director of Planning and Design. In this capacity, he was primarily responsible for overseeing the preparation and refinement of the NeoCity master plan currently being implemented. In the normal course of his work, Kerry plans, coordinates, assigns, and manages the Planning and Design Office, including the Long-Range ... Read More

Jeffrey Jones, AICP

Invited Speaker

Director for Osceola County’s Strategic Initiatives Office. Jeff currently serves as Director for Osceola County’s Strategic Initiatives Office. He has a wide range of responsibilities including functioning as the Executive Director for the Osceola County Expressway Authority, Executive Director for the W192 Development Authority and Manager of the ... Read More

Steven Spalding

Invited Speaker

Principal of Point A Consulting, a practice focused on strategic planning to promote the knowledge economy assets of client communities. Spalding’s forte is integrating assessment of market opportunities with physical development strategies, to achieve place-based solutions as catalysts for growing regional innovation eco-systems. Building on his personal leadership roles ... Read More

Owen Beitsch, FAICP

Invited Speaker

Dr. Beitsch is active in the management and execution of complex studies for public and private clients with a particular interest in special issues confronting downtown and other urban areas, demonstrated by his civic as well as his business activities. He has held an active leadership role in the Tampa ... Read More

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