Planning for the Ages: Can We Build on Common Ground?

APA Florida Chapter


Thursday, September 7, 2017
2:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. EDT

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With many Florida Communities struggling with the effects of highly stratified populations, we review recent data to understand what two major age cohorts, millennials and seniors, actually seek in their communities. Looking for areas of overlap, we ascertain there is a common ground upon which we can plan, build, and further strengthen Florida’s communities to accommodate all ages. Following the presentation of data and analysis, a diverse panel will discuss the potential benefits, feasibility, and impacts to the profession.


Anne Avery, RN, LNC

Invited Speaker

Anne Avery, RN, LNC, Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Chief of the Bureau of Elder Affairs. Ms. Avery earned her registered nursing degree with specific clinical focus on critical care and earned the title of legal nurse consultant from the University of Central Florida. She has functioned as the nursing ... Read More

T.J. Lewis

Invited Speaker

T.J. Lewis, Department of Economic Opportunity, Planning Analyst. Mr. Lewis is an alumnus of Florida State University specializing in Growth Management and has a keen interest in Construction and Economic Development. Along with being an active member of the Florida Board of Realtors, he founded Urban Tallahassee, LLC. Read More

Beau Scott

Invited Speaker

Beau Scott, State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Planning Analyst. Mr. Scott attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for a B.A in Urban Studies and is currently working towards his M.S in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University. His background includes land development regulation, cartography ... Read More

Adam Antony Biblo, AICP

Invited Speaker

Adam Antony Biblo, AICP, Department of Economic Opportunity, Regional Planning Administrator. As a co-drafter of Rule 9J-5, the author of Designing Communities for Pedestrian Mobility, and planner of many statewide models of urban service area boundary concepts and conservation/preservation strategies, Mr. Biblo has been recognized by the State of ... Read More

Laura Cantwell

Invited Speaker

Laura Cantwell, AARP, Associate State Director. Laura is an issue expert for health and long-term care, caregiving, and transportation issues. She often provides guidance to partners on local policies related to livable community issues such as complete streets and the AARP Age-Friendly Network. She currently serves on several committees including ... Read More

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