Creating Educational Opportunities Within Environmentally Sensitive Areas

APA North Carolina Chapter


Wednesday, September 27, 2017
2 p.m. - 5 p.m. EDT

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Located on over 380 acres of Bray Hollow Conservancy lands in southern Pitt County, A Time for Science Nature and Science Learning Center (ATFS) operates cooperatively with the Pitt County Environmental Education Center at Contentnea Creek.  This County facility adds another 40 acres of natural areas, contiguous with ATFS’s conservation easement, and is managed through Pitt County’s Soil and Water Conservation District office. The stated Vision for A Time for Science is: To enhance environmental awareness and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and literacy in the eastern region of North Carolina.  ATFS encourages the pursuit of the basic elements of STEM and environmental knowledge as well as the pursuit of science and environmentally related careers.  Participants will have a better understanding of how the Center promotes land conservation, environmental stewardship, outdoor recreation, sustainable tourism, public health and economic well-being of the community.  The session will feature an interactive trail walk and incorporate the Center’s unique strategies for promoting science and nature through environmental planning techniques such as best management practices for floodplains, land trust acquisitions, light pollution reduction methods and public-private partnerships.  In addition, participants will have a better understanding of how land use decisions can improve public health.   Discussions will emphasize the importance of Post-Hurricane Floyd mitigation planning strategies and the effective utilization of FEMA buyout property. By the end of the session, planners will have identified practical aspects of planning in the context of larger issues and future implications of present decisions. 


Paul Andrews

Confirmed Speaker

Paul "P.J." Andrews Jr. of Ayden was appointed as director of Pitt County's Soil and Water Conservation District on Jan. 30, 2017. He was hired August 2007 as a Resource Conservation Specialist. PJ received bachelor's and master's degrees from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University ... Read More

Emily Jarvis

Confirmed Speaker

Emily Jarvis is a graduate of East Carolina University. She was hired as Executive Director of A Time for Science Nature and Science Learning Center on November 1, 2013. As of January 3, 2017, Emily also took on the role of acting director for the Go-Science center and has been ... Read More

James Rhodes, AICP

Confirmed Speaker


Bryan Jones

Confirmed Speaker

Bryan Jones is a Planner III with Pitt County and has been there for over 12 years. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning from East Carolina University. He is the County’s Subdivision Administrator , Floodplain Manager, and is certified in Surface Water Identification. Prior ... Read More

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