Juxtaposition of Preservation & Flood Recovery: Economic Development Post-Matthew

APA North Carolina Chapter


Friday, September 29, 2017
8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT

CM | 3.50

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Following this session, the attendees will have a clear comprehension of small-town economic development, and how a multi-channel focus leads to success.  The mobile tour will highlight the gaping differences between geographical areas of the town and how land use regulations and proactive mitigation have steered development in a sustainable direction.  Approaching town, discussion of the expansion of commercial development along the highway corridor and internal arterial roads will prove the need for pedestrian and bike planning, and the geographical benefit of division between heavy and light uses.  Under construction is a 64+ unit apartment complex with income-based rents, where demand prior to construction caused a second rezoning to acquire additional land, exacerbated due to Hurricane Matthew's displacement of local population.  Attendees will then observe the levee on the Tar River, the properties affected in recent flooding, and how government procedures following previous disasters prevented additional loss of life and property.  The tour will culminate with the 45-block historic district, which contains a Town Common established by Colonial charter in 1760 and where the town has collaborated with local non-profits for the long-term management of the urban forest.  Included in the area are several Works Progress Administration buildings, still in use by the Town of Tarboro.  Established as one of the first Main Street communities in the nation, attendees will see how grant funding and other partnerships lead to the establishment of a brewery, capping the realization of a low-vacancy, thriving downtown. 


Monika Fleming

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Monika studied at East Carolina University, graduating with an English and Journalism degree in 1976, obtained her Master's in English in 1983, and has been an instructor at Edgecombe Community College since 1981. Monika is a published author on Edgecombe and Nash County history, and has served in multiple ... Read More

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