The Missing Blueprint: Emerging Communities

APA Minnesota Chapter


Thursday, September 28, 2017
9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. CDT

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Who and where are the Emerging Communities? The five converging forces of today’s world  force us to recognize that emerging communities are more important than ever. This session will reveal trends and new practices that engage, “empower” and create sustainable value within and for these communities.

Learning Objectives: problem solving, interdisciplinary, innovation

·          How Planners, Developers and Architects can work together to serve emerging communities and to promote creation of wealth (interdisciplinary)

·          (Problem Solving) Community Engagement as a tool to Inclusive Planning and Development

·          (Innovation) How to create innovative alliances and partnerships to tackle the challenges of developing and revitalizing emerging communities

Five Emerging Forces

·          Demographics shifts (majority/minority, baby-boomer/millenial,international/domestic)

·          Economic climate shifts from a low interest and cheap oil enviroment 

·          Climate change 

·          Interconnectedness of Global Economy

·          Rise of Artificial Intelligence

These five converging forces compel planners, developers and policy makers to examine past and future practices of economic development, urban planning and community engagement in ways that inspire, include, and sustain emerging communities. The new approach needs to be as multifaceted as the challenges within the community. The future talent shortage outlined by Greater MSP poses a threat to the vitality of our local, regional and state economy. Demographic shift present us with a pool of untapped talent and potential that can offset and minimze the gap left by retiring baby boomers. People of color and immigrants NEED to be included in the planning of our cities and our wealth creation strategies. It is proven that we can accomplish this through a value converting process that highlights commonalities rather than differences. An engagement process rooted in maximizing the potential of these communities by revealing their concealed values. A service delivery model with the ability to engage all parties that matter (residents, investors, planners, developers, and designers) is key to creating sustained value within these emerging communities.


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