Creating Community Planning Leaders in Areas Skeptical of the Planning Process

APA Minnesota Chapter


Thursday, September 28, 2017
9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. CDT

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Shared by the Mississippi River, join two emerging communities areas as they transform while keeping the balance of their passionate history. Learn new strategies to define the value of a plan, develop new community planning leaders, create a modern planning department, and even share a few humorous (or horror) stories.  

• Integrated Planning. The Planning Process is a continual process, not a stagnant process once every ten years. Both communities have collaborated with the regional planning process on several occasions and integrated planning beyond land use in more detailed, yet supportive planning. Ramsey will highlight its third generation transit-oriented development planning in The COR. Dayton will highlight its village land use planning. Presenters will even share a bit of humility. 

• Develop a Modern Day Planning Department. Both communities rebuilt their planning teams from the ground up after steep cuts during the recession. This provided an opportunity for both communities to reinvent themselves, taking new staffing strategies and technology enhancements. These process improvements focused first on the community first, before focusing on the City’s professional staff. 

• Develop Interdisciplinary Community Planners. The presentation will outline a new push in investment in Planning Commissioners and other Community Planners. The current Comprehensive Plan Updates in the Metro Area provide an opportunity to forge new multi-disciplinary planning teams to support the value of planning and engaged leaders that would not ordinarily involve themselves in the process. 

• Hands-On Training. The quality of the planning process has been dramatically improved by continual conversations and training for community planners for a number of years prior to the Comprehensive Plan Updates. Ramsey and Dayton have used a mix of APA Minnesota, consulting planner, League of Minnesota Cities, and on-site training for community planners using plain, everyday language. With minimal budget implications, the return has provided feedback such as “this is the best training I’ve had as a Commission”, “I wish I would have had this training sooner”, and “we need to do more of this training moving forward.” The effort has created a new passion to contribute to a positive future for our communities. 


Tim Gladhill, AICP

Tim Gladhill is the Community Development Director for the City of Ramsey, MN and President of the American Planning Association, Minnesota Chapter. As Community Development Director for Ramsey, MN, Tim focuses on Comprehensive Planning and intergovernmental coordination to advance Ramsey’s long-term land use vision. Tim also led the final ... Read More

Tina Goodroad

Tina Goodroad is the current City Administrator/Development Director for the City of Dayton as well as Secretary for APA Minnesota. Her experience includes 19 years in community planning in multiple sectors including serving as a City Planner, as a developer and now as a consultant for the past six ... Read More

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