Mobile Tour - Walking Tour: Positive Impacts of New Development and Public Art

APA Minnesota Chapter


Thursday, September 28, 2017
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. CDT

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The workshop walking route will follow a route from Center City Hotel to Front Street Entertainment area identifying physical and visual changes, including a significant investment in public art via a rotating Walking Sculpture Tour, permanently installed sculptures, murals on infrastructure such as traffic signal boxes, seating, and flood and retaining walls; streetscape investments on South Front Street; and pedestrian wayfinding signage to stimulate pedestrian visitor and worker traffic and gathering spaces along the route. Opportunities for enhancements to the pedestrian experience will be discussed. The tour will follow a 5-block walking route connecting the:
• City  Center City Hotel
• Convention Center
• public green space (Civic Center Plaza)
• Mankato Place office building
• sidewalk retail/entertainment district at south edge of the Mankato Place.
The City Art Walking Sculpture Tour and other new placements of public art along 2nd Street, South Front Street, Civic Center Plaza and Vetter Stone Plaza  connecting these places to the Convention Center, private office development and entertainment/dining, and Front Street will be identified.  The current and potential impacts of public art and other pedestrian amenities on the pedestrian connections between the traffic generators will be discussed.

Participants will be taught about how to recognize the fine-grained, impacts of new entertainment/retail development and public art, and signage on the pedestrian experience.
A map will show sculptures, signage and other art elements which stimulates foot traffic. Opportunities for other enhancements will be discussed. 
The City Art Walking Sculpture Tour route and other art by Convention Center will be identified.  The potential impacts of new pedestrian amenities on the walking connections between major traffic generators will be discussed. 


Megan Flanagan

Megan joined Greater Mankato Growth as the City Center Partnership Director in September 2015. She focuses on implementation of the Renaissance Plan and other downtown vitality efforts through effective partnerships, advocacy, events drawing trade and traffic, aesthetic initiatives and public art. She has significant experience working in nonprofit and municipal ... Read More

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