The Food and Justice Planning Scorecard

APA Minnesota Chapter


Thursday, September 28, 2017
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. CDT

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Food systems planning is vital for ensuring the continued supply of safe, healthy food for our communities, and for protecting water and land resources. Additionally, food and agriculture planning practices rooted in food justice can be effective at reducing racial and class disparities. By building from the Food Access Planning Guide this session will showcase the Food Justice Score Card - an innovative planning tool geared at evaluating whether or not a plan or planning policy promotes food justice.

Objective #1- Attendees will be exposed to the concept of food justice, and its importance for diverse communities, economies and the environment. Food justice is an approach to food advocacy that takes into account historical inequities, systemic racism and classism, and the need to provide equitable outcomes-- not just equitable opportunities--when it comes to food access in the food system.

Objective #2- Attendees will learn how food justice relates to urban and regional food system planning, and the vital role that planners play can play in promoting or hindering food justice. Planning practices rooted in food justice can be effective at reducing racial and class disparities. It is vital for planners to take a food justice lens to food systems planning to reduce health and income inequities in Minnesota and beyond.

Objective #3- Attendees will learn about the food justice planning score card to help them and other stakeholders determine whether or not a food system related policy promotes or hinders food justice. By using the Food Access Planning guide as a platform, we will illustrate how to assess a plan, a planning document, or a policy in its ability to promote food justice.


Claire Stoscheck

Confirmed Speaker

Claire Stoscheck is a Research Analyst for The Improve Group. Claire has experience as a farm worker, food justice organizer, and food systems researcher. Claire holds a Masters of Public Policy with a concentration in Sustainable Community Food Systems, a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture, and a Certificate in Equity and ... Read More

H. Fernando Burga

Confirmed Speaker

Fernando Burga is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a dual appointment at University of Minnesota’s Extension. His research, teaching and service focus on equity in urban planning with an emphasis on immigrant incorporation and urban food systems. Read More

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