Rising to the Challenges of Shared-Use: School and Community Partnerships

APA Florida Chapter


Thursday, September 7, 2017
10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT

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School facilities are integral components of public infrastructure as well as successful communities and well planned neighborhoods.  They provide children space to learn, socialize, and exercise. However, once the school day is over, many school facilities are underutilized. As interest grows in addressing community concerns such as childhood obesity, available recreation facilities and open space, and efficient use of public resources, many consider expanding the use of school spaces for use by the community. School districts, local municipalities, and other community partners must work together to accommodate expanded use of school property.  This session presents the legal, planning, and funding challenges associated with joint use and how specific strategies can help in appropriately utilizing public school spaces for educational and community purposes.

The understand about the legal, planning, and financial issues related to shared-use partnerships and interlocal agreements is important for all planners to understand in order that they may be able to lead development of such partnerships.  This discussion will comprehensively address and consider the issue of shared-use and all of the challenges and opportunities associated with them.  The panel includes a lawyer who has worked for municipal, county, and school district governments and has written and executed a number of share-use partnership agreements.




Kathie Ebaugh

Invited Speaker

Kathie Ebaugh, AICP, Sarasota County Schools, Director of Planning and Session Coordinator. Over twenty-year accredited planner with specialized experience in community planning, comprehensive planning, school planning, and public engagement. Ms. Ebaugh previously served in senior planning roles for Lee County, City of Venice, and Bell-David Planning Group. Ms. Ebaugh received ... Read More

Mike Dyer

Invited Speaker

Mike Dyer, Esq., Chief Counsel Volusia County School District Mr. Dyer previously served as assistant county attorney for the County of Volusia and primarily represented local government clients in private practice. He also served as an adjunct instructor in school law for Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler College of Education ... Read More

Henry Fix

Invited Speaker

Henry Fix, AICP, Lake County Schools, Director of Growth Planning. Accredited school planner and director with over 13 years of experience and supervising the school facility planning. Mr. Fix has a master’s degree in geography/urban and regional planning from Florida Atlantic University. Read More

Susan Lovallo

Invited Speaker

Susan Lovallo, Port Orange, Director of Parks and Recreation. Experienced park and recreation planner and administrator with over 21 years of experience and supervising the traditional recreation programs. Ms. Lovallo has a bachelors degree in leisure services and studies from Florida State University. Read More

Michele Norton

Invited Speaker

Michele Norton, AICP, City of North Port, Planning Manager. Experienced, certified land use planner experienced with platted lots, zoning, growth management, and comprehensive planning. Michele has worked for the City of North Port for nearly 15 years and has been the planner manager for the last three. Ms. Norton has ... Read More

Saralee Morrissey, FAICP

Invited Speaker

More than two decades as a school planner has earned Saralee Morrissey statewide recognition as an innovative and effective leader and the first school planner to be accepted into the AICP College of Fellows. Ms. Morrissey’s implementation of sound planning principles in school facility planning, student assignment & capital budgeting ... Read More

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