Transforming Highway 100: Grandview Green

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Thursday, September 28, 2017
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. CDT

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The City of Edina has been proactively engaged in keeping the Grandview district a desirable and successful mixed-use district for several decades. The intent of this phase of work was to study the initial feasibility of constructing a lid over Highway 100 - better connecting the two sides of Highway 100 - and the economic development potential inherent in unlocking new development sites over what is currently MNDOT right-of-way. 

The study uncovered the potential of returning 13 acres of taxable real estate to the city, developing underutilized MNDOT land adjacent the highway to generate revenue, and creating public parks and district parking for a whole new neighborhood. In place of a vast amount of unused open space around the highway, this plan envisions a family friendly destination, new community assets, residential development, as well as potential office and commercial space.

The highway would continue to function as it does now, spanning the traffic lanes with a series of easily installed trusses that support a public park above. And it turns marginal land around the highway into highly desirable property around open space. A re-established street grid will encourage walkability and connections to the adjacent residential neighborhoods. By considering extensive public realm improvements, and providing guidance on building heights and setbacks to define the public realm, new development will reinforce human scale, shape social space and promote environmental responsibility.

Primary learning objectives

1. Understand the transformative potential of these infrastructure improvements.

2. Explore how a suburban community is taking steps to shape a physically and economically sustainable future for its residents.

3. Describe how the Grandview Green park lid is a catalyst to transform 13 acres of underutilized land into a safe and family-focused destination.


Anna Potter, AICP

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Anna is a transportation planner and engineer-in-training with interests in data analysis, graphic visualization, and multimodal planning. Anna has experience in transitway planning, traffic studies, long range transportation planning, and construction management. Anna received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University in 2011 and a Masters ... Read More

Mic Johnson

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Over a 35-year career that includes design leadership at large international firms and teaching positions at several universities, Mic has focused on creating buildings and places that are vibrant contributors to the communities they serve. In early 2013, Mic established Architecture Field Office, a diverse consultancy that merges his interests ... Read More

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