Integrating New Approaches with Traditional Public Engagement Techniques

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Thursday, September 28, 2017
3 p.m. - 4 p.m. CDT

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Public engagement played a central role in the success of the Hwy 23 Safety Assessment by focusing on two key efforts: integrating new social media strategies with traditional efforts and educating the broad public about effective and innovative methods of addressing transportation challenges.

This presentation will focus on proactive and transparent public engagement efforts by highlighting how we integrated both traditional (focus groups, open houses, business outreach) and emerging tools and techniques (online comment mapping, cable access, live streaming public meetings, social media advertising) to reach out to the local Marshall community as well as regional users of the Hwy 23 corridor. We will focus on the strategies we used to reach out to Marshall’s underrepresented populations, plus recommendations and lessons learned as a result of this targeted outreach.

One of the public engagement challenges faced with this assessment was public education. Many members of the Marshall community felt simply changing the speed limit would solve the speed and crash problem. We used a variety of communication channels to help educate the public as to why that would not solve the issue and how design of the roadway was really the issue at hand.

This presentation will serve as a helpful example to agencies and others who are looking for new ideas to successfully reach out to their local, regional and statewide audiences by discussing how we designed and implemented our customized engagement plan for the community of Marshall.


Lindsay Knutson

Lindsey Knutson is the Planning Director in District 8 at MnDOT. Lindsey earned her Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She is also a graduate of UW Madison and a native of Hudson, Wisconsin. Go Badgers! Read More

Leif Garness

Leif has 13 years of experience in traffic and transportation engineering. His responsibilities include leading intersection, corridor, roundabout, and freeway alternatives analysis and studies. He is known for his innovative design experience and ability to find solutions to unique and new design challenges. He is a graduate of Iowa State ... Read More

Jennifer Quayle

Social media ninja. Problem unraveler. Creative thinker. Public Engagement Specialist Jennifer Quayle comes highly recommended by nine out of 10 people who recommend things. Nothing makes her happier than hatching a plan to engage a community and executing it so well that even the non-joiners want to join in. Except ... Read More

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