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Thursday, September 28, 2017
3 p.m. - 4 p.m. CDT

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What is meaningful design?  Join us as we discuss various methods for using natural, cultural or historical elements to shape planning and design in a manner that not only tells a “story” but also creates meaningful spaces that can range from active, thriving spaces to intimate, healing spaces.

Whether you are interested in community revitalization efforts, developing thriving public gathering areas, or creating intimate healing spaces, a design that is successful in meeting these goals can sometimes seem a Herculean task.  Whatever the project goal, designing in a manner that tells a “story” or is in some way meaningful to the user can be a key component of its ultimate success. 

This session will illustrate how we can tie numerous natural, cultural and historical elements into the planning and design process to create a specific experience for the user.  Meaningful designs can have an incredible impact on the overall experience and can even affect people’s health and attitudes.  This session will cover learning objectives and topics such as; 

• What exactly is meaningful design?

• How to identify key elements and themes

• Successful community engagement techniques

• Accommodating varying perspectives

Candace Amberg, RLA, and Molly Patterson-Lundgren, AICP, will present a few project examples that are each unique in their own way and each tell a very different story based on their intended goals.  The project examples will highlight the various community engagement and public outreach techniques that were used to harness essential ideas from the project stakeholders in order to find the elements that made them meaningful and, ultimately, built support for the projects.  Insights into trouble-shooting issues that may arise and lessons learned will also be shared.  One project example in particular that will be discussed is the Highway 22 Victory Drive memorial corridor that extends from Mankato to Mapleton. Learn about the long and sensitive history behind this memorial highway corridor and the many differing perspectives that influenced the design process, along with the extensive efforts made to raise awareness of the project in an effort to revitalize its memorial legacy. 


Candace Amberg

Candace Amberg is a Registered Landscape Architect and has been in the profession of site planning and design since 1996, with extensive experience in public speaking, and recently conducted an educational session at the Minnesota Recreation and Park Association conference in 2016 with a topic of making community engagement fun. Read More

Molly Patterson-Lundgren

Molly has more than 17 years of experience in community development and historic preservation. She serves on the State Board of Review for nominations to the National Register and provides historic preservation services as City Planner for Albert Lea and assistance to the City of Waseca. Molly spent 10 years ... Read More

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