Getting to Yes: 10 Lessons in Development and Redevelopment

APA Minnesota Chapter


Friday, September 29, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. CDT

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New development and redevelopment is often complex in the best of circumstances. Community goals, physical constraints, and market realities don’t always align. This session features insights on the development process and lessons on how to promote (or inadvertently sink) development and redevelopment projects.  Communities continue to evolve through new development and redevelopment. What is the difference between a project that moves forward while others languish? No single set of tools work for all communities, but the insights and experienced shared in this session will provide examples and strategies from projects that worked and projects that collapsed. Using real examples and professional experiences, this session will help planners identify and avoid common pitfalls that lead to project setbacks or failures; qualities that attract or detract developer attention; and, criteria to consider when quickly evaluating project feasibility.


James Lehnhoff

James joined Ehlers in October 2016 with 14 years of local government and real estate development experience, including extensive work in land use planning, economic development, housing development, Pro Forma analysis, community engagement, and project management. James has successfully implemented complex and nationally recognized development projects to advance community goals ... Read More

Stacie Kvilvang

Stacie has been with Ehlers since 2002. Prior to joining Ehlers, she had 10 years of local government experience working for a major community in the Twin Cities. She has extensive background in all aspects of the public process for development and redevelopment and deep understanding of development financing and ... Read More

Jason Aarsvold

Jason has been with Ehlers since September 2013 assisting Minnesota cities to design and implement financial solutions. Prior to joining Ehlers, he had 16 years of municipal development and finance experience. Jason has analyzed and negotiated some of the most complicated municipal development and redevelopment projects in our region, navigating ... Read More

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