APA Northern New England Chapter


Thursday, September 7, 2017
10 a.m. - noon EDT

CM | 2

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Drone technology is giving us new ways to collect overhead imagery of our communities. The data collected by drones has uses that go far beyond compelling images and stunning videos. This session will dive into drone technology, drawing from dozens of case studies in which drones have been used throughout New England for community planning and emergency management. You will learn about the various types of drone platforms, the rules and regulations surrounding drones, how drone imagery can be processed to create geospatial data, and what should be taken into account before you contract for drone services. The University of Vermont Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team will conduct a live demonstration (weather permitting) with several of their drones. 


Emma Estabrook

Emma Estabrook is a Geospatial Technician at the UVM Spatial Analysis Laboratory and a senior member of the UAS Team. Emma's has participated in drone mapping projects throughout the United States and has been featured prominently in the local media. Read More

Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne is the Director of the University of Vermont (UVM) Spatial Analysis Laboratory and leader of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team. The UVM UAS Team has carried out over 600 flight operations, using drone technology to assist community planning, transportation management, and emergency response efforts. Read More

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