Land Use, Economic, and Cultural Strategies for Transformative Change

APA California Chapter


Monday, September 25, 2017
1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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Learning about strategies to embrace diversity and envision change: placemaking that brings more density and variety to suburban bedroom communities; new approaches to changing job opportunities; and arts and culture enhancements for community cohesion. Suzanne Hague will draw on the transformative community planning projects supported by the California Strategic Growth Council. Larissa Brown will focus on the transformation of suburban bedroom cities into mature, complete communities, using the example of Fontana's newest General Plan Update.  The Plan envisions Fontana 5.0 - a complete community of over 280,000 people by 2040 with diversity of land use, housing, transportation, and jobs.  Sujata Srivastava will focus on how communities like Alameda and Rancho Cucamonga are establishing land use strategies responding to economic change?such as 'on demand' delivery service, the decline of traditional manufacturing, and the squeeze on middle-wage jobs--in order to maintain a healthy and diverse employment base. Catherine Lin will explore the use of public art as a way to enhance community cohesion and identity in diverse cities. The cultural and public art strategies pioneered by larger cities are being established in smaller, diverse communities like Pomona with an explicit goal of developing community pride and cohesion.


Larissa Brown, AICP

Larissa Brown, PhD, AICP, is a principal in Stantec's Urban Places Group and Resilience Group. The leader of many award-winning plans for communities around the country, she has worked as a public sector planner, chaired a city planning board, and helped found a statewide smart growth advocacy collaborative. Read More

Suzanne Hague, AICP

Suzanne Hague, AICP, provides leadership to the California Strategic Growth Council in developing policy and implementation innovations that foster community prosperity, infill development, and sustainable growth. Her experience includes community revitalization, housing and real estate development, land use planning, and architectural design in communities around the country Read More

Sujata Srivastava

Sujata Srivastava, a principal of Strategic Economics, integrates employment analysis into regional planning efforts and has overseen the completion of economic and workforce development strategies in many California cities and regions. Her recent projects include industrial lands supply analyses, economic development strategies, and industry analysis for regional plans. Read More

Catherine Lin, AICP

Catherine Lin, AICP, Senior Planner for the City of Pomona, is trained in studio art as well as planning, Catherine staffs Pomona's Cultural Arts Commission and develops the public arts program. Her project experience includes General Plan Updates, Housing Elements, specific plans, and design guidelines Read More

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