SB 743 - Where Are We and What's Next?

APA California Chapter


Monday, September 25, 2017
1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. PDT

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SB743 is the State's initiative to replace LOS with VMT as the primary measure of transportation impact for purposes of CEQA.  The law and its implementation has been controversial, to say the least.  This panel will provide a range of perspectives on SB743:  Chris Ganson (OPR) will provide an up-to-the-minute status on the development of CEQA guidance and rule-making, as well as a general background on the bigger picture policy goals the law is intended to advance.  Fred Dock (City of Pasadena) and Natalie Porter (County of El Dorado) will provide a wide range of future lead agency perspective on the law.  Although all future lead agencies facing SB743 have some common concerns (e.g. difficulty and cost of doing VMT analysis, and the potential for mitigating impacts, etc.), the specific reactions of future lead agencies varies according to the VMT profile of the jurisdiction relative to the region they are in, and other factors.  Ron Milam (Fehr & Peers) is a leading consultant in doing CEQA analysis for wide range of clients both public and private, and can provide a practical perspective on the difficulty of VMT analysis in CEQA.


Bruce Griesenbeck

Bruce Griesenbeck is the Prinicpal Transportation Analyst and manages the Data and Analysis group at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. His specialty is travel demand forecasting, and he serves on the Transportation Research Board Travel Forecasting Committee. He received his bachelor's degree in sociology from Swarthmore College, and ... Read More

Chris Ganson

Chris was appointed to OPR as technical lead on California’s transition from level of service to vehicle miles traveled metric in transportation analysis. He previously held positions at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the World Resources Institute, and US EPA Region 9. Chris holds master’s degrees in City ... Read More

Ronald T. Milam, AICP

Ronald T. Milam, AICP, PTP is the Director of Evolving the Status Quo at Fehr & Peers. He focuses on big data research, VMT analysis, multi-modal metrics, and land use/transportation interactions. He also teaches the UC Davis Extension course, "Updating Transportation Impact Analysis in CEQA: How to Effectively Implement SB ... Read More

Fred Dock, AICP

Mr. Dock is a traffic engineer and transportation planner with 40 years of experience in multimodal transportation system planning, design and operations. He currently directs the Department of Transportation for the City of Pasadena, California. Recent activities include development of VMT-based CEQA thresholds and implementation of a Complete Streets program ... Read More

Natalie Porter

Natalie K. Porter, P.E., T.E. is a Traffic Engineer with El Dorado County Community Development Agency's Long Range Planning Division. She has over 33 years of experience in the Transportation industry both in the public and private sector. Read More

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