Equitable Recovery After Disasters

APA California Chapter


Monday, September 25, 2017
3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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This session will cover recovery from an equity perspective - what unique challenges do rural communities face when trying to recover from a disaster? How can planning help them mobilize resources both for immediate recovery and for long term resiliency? What kinds of zoning laws stand in the way of - or facilitate - effective recovery? What does recovery look like in rural communities? This session falls into the Engage: Planning for Diverse Places and Perspectives track at this year's conference. Attendees will hear from rural communities facing unprecedented disasters and learn how they harnessed their resources to engage their community in recovery and resiliency planning. Small towns and rural areas have different obstacles to putting these kinds of plans in place than cities with extensive, existing emergency management systems and this session would highlight successes jurisdictions have had in overcoming them - or roadblocks they currently face and could use audience input on. In terms of learning objectives, this session will help planners think creatively about local resources that can help them develop outside-the-box recovery and resiliency plans that respond to the unique needs of their community. Sharing this kind of knowledge will be vital to rural communities' post-disaster.


Edith Hannigan

Edith Hannigan staffs the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on issues relating to land use and planning in the wildland-urban interface, developing policy, regulations, and guidance documents for jurisdictions to plan for wildfire protection. She has a Master's in Planning from the University of Southern California. Read More

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