Quality of Life and Vitality: The Ingredients to a Great Downtown

APA California Chapter


Monday, September 25, 2017
3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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Downtowns across the Bay Area are seeing incredible growth. However, in the midst of such growth and development pressures, downtowns are struggling with the growing pains of important decision-making: evaluating trade-offs, compromising between stakeholders, and navigating private/public partnerships. As we shape the next generation of downtown's it is important to consider the unique 'ingredients' that make them vibrant, diverse, inclusive and flexible for the future. This session will explore the elements that help a downtown thrive through partnerships, innovation, identity, strategic urbanism, and connections. Panelists will discuss these complex development issues from three unique lenses - encompassing regional, local and on-the-ground perspectives. From developing downtowns as connected destinations within the regional transit system, to guiding process of building a downtown from the ground up. Share Critical to bringing it all together is guiding a process for decision-making and coming up with innovative ways to cast vision for community members, stakeholders and city officials. Building upon their recent efforts in different Bay Area cities panelists will share creative approaches consensus building that include: performance-based design, 'vitality metrics' that measure vibrancy and livability, pop-up uses, and branding strategies. 


Kristen Hall

Kristen Hall is an urban designer and planner who specializes in complex urban infill projects. Through her experience both in the Bay Area and internationally she has worked across many different scales and contexts to design masterplans, write guidelines, coordinate public outreach, and create implementation strategies. Kristen's core area ... Read More

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