Agri-tourism and Planning

APA Georgia Chapter


Friday, August 25, 2017
9 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. CDT

CM | 1.25

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Part I of the presentation will be focused on poultry farming and its impact in Georgia’s agricultural economy.  The speaker will address various details regarding size and functional designs of past, current, and future poultry farms including both broiler and egg producing operations.  Details of daily farm operation will also be discussed such as primary construction, commercial truck traffic generation, utility needs, on-site litter handling and disposal, as well as the timeline for typical flock maturation.  Other items of discussion will include current EPA and GaEPD regulations that mitigate adverse environmental impacts of poultry farms.


Part II of the presentation will be, in regards to land use planning, focused on providing local governing authorities the tools necessary to make the distinction between conventional agricultural uses and some of the more modern industrialized practices.  Examples of how to address “concentrated feeding operations” (aka chicken houses) in a city or county’s ordinance will be presented.  The outcome of this joint           presentation is to ensure the continued success of Georgia’s poultry industry as the state’s number one agricultural commodity while, at the same time, protecting the property values and quality of life for citizens of rural communities.    


Ethan Calhoun

Ethan Calhoun grew up in Murray County Georgia and graduated from Murray County High school in 2009 along with earning the rank of Eagle Scout. During His high school and college careers he worked simultaneously as a site interpreter and project manager for both the Georgia Department of Natural resources ... Read More

Corey Watson

Corey Watson grew up in Jasper Georgia until attending college at the University of Georgia. Corey graduated from UGA in 1999 with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with emphasis in Poultry Science and immediately began his career as Hatchery Supervisor with Gold Kist that same year. Numerous promotions followed from ... Read More

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