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APA Kansas Chapter


Thursday, October 19, 2017
10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. CDT

CM | 1.25

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Justice Thomas’s opinion on the Reed v. Town of Gilbert case called into question almost every sign code in this country. In this session we will look at what cities can do to be content neutral, what words to avoid using in sign code, as well as explore how Lawrence, Kansas approached revising their code.

This session is about Reed v. Town of Gilbert-- where we are now, challenges that have been brought up since the Supreme Court decision, commercial v. non-commercial, on-site v. off-site, what cities are doing to be compliant, what are problem words in current code, etc. The session also details the process Lawrence took in revising their code, from identifying problems, to hiring a consultant, to using stakeholder groups for feedback on the draft, to approval by the Sign Code Board of Appeals and the City Council.
The 3 takeaways for the session will be:
1. Key problematic words to watch for in code.
2. How to be compliant if not planning a full code revision.
3. Example code from Lawrence case study.


Cindy Proett

Invited Speaker

Title, Organization: Municipal and Community Coordinator, Luminous Neon Inc. Art & Sign Systems Location: Hutchinson, KS Biography: Cindy's career includes more than 20 years of policy research, communication and advocacy with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Electronic Data Services (EDS) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. She ... Read More

Kurt Schroeder

Invited Speaker

Title, Organization: City of Lawrence Development Services, Asst. Director, City of Lawrence Location: Lawrence, KS Biography: For the past four years, Kurt Schroeder has served as Lawrence, Kansas Assistant Director of Planning & Development Services for Development Services, which oversees construction permitting and inspection; sign permitting and enforcement; zoning enforcement; and property maintenance code enforcement. Prior to working for Lawrence, he ... Read More

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