Strategic Foresight for Cities: Planners as Strategic Leaders - Keynote

APA Kansas Chapter


Thursday, October 19, 2017
noon - 1:30 p.m. CDT

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Dr. Cindy Frewen will present a keynote program on long-term trends and drivers shaping the future of cities and communities, and the opportunities we have to create transformational futures. Dr. Frewen will explore key issues – demographic, cultural, scientific and technological, economic, environmental, global – that, if anticipated and dealt with creatively, can lead to sustainable opportunities for people, communities, and organizations.


•             How do we serve as leaders to move the needle ahead?


•             How do we see the future not as a big question mark but as multi-dimensioned images?


•             How do we optimize positives, avoid or mitigate negatives, and inspire people towards better futures?


•             What mental models, attitudes, and practices lead to successfully using the future to make better decisions today?


The next thirty years of transition will challenge us as leaders, planners, and designers as we move towards a different way of living. Do we have strategies and images of the future that will positively guide decision making?


Cindy Frewen-Wuellner

Invited Speaker


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