Open Invitation Roundtable: Plan Big for Idaho Housing

APA Idaho


Thursday, October 12, 2017
2:45 p.m. - 4 a.m. MDT

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1.      How the session relates to the “Plan Big” theme.

Providing a range of quality and affordable housing to communities across the nation has been one of the largest challenges facing the planning profession in previous years. This session attempts to tackle the question of how can you provide housing for everyone in your community. Participants will be able to share their questions, stories and solutions to come up with collaborative answers to ensure housing development is working towards equity throughout Idaho. This type of collaborative partner agency roundtable has sparked action in Boise and we hope that this session can scale these conversations to meet the needs of the state and to set into motion partnerships and funding sources that will help to improve housing across the state.

 2.      How the session meets a specific planning-related training objective.

This session doesn’t target a specific planning training objective, but instead provides an open forum for housing providers, developers and housing organizations and agencies to come together for a statewide discussion of the challenges and successes in Idaho’s housing markets.

 3.      How the session will offer a professionally relevant learning experience for a planner with at least 4 years of experience.

Sharing knowledge with counterparts across the state regarding best practices, challenges, housing needs assessments, and collaborations will be beneficial to anyone in the housing or development fields, or anyone who is interested in solving one of the planning professions largest challenges.

 4.      What you want the attendees to learn from this session.

We hope session attendees will leave the room with a better understanding of the current conditions of housing throughout the state of Idaho. Additionally, we hope to impart and foster conversation around what’s happening statewide and nationally to combat issues of homelessness, rent burdens and dwindling housing inventory that meets the needs of the market. This session will attempt to create collaborative conversations and partnerships aimed and pooling resources on the topic of housing in Idaho.




Ellen Campfield Nelson, AICP

Ellen is a managing associate with Agnew::Beck, a planning firm based in Boise and Anchorage. She works on policy, planning and implementation in a range of subject areas, including recreation, health, transportation, economic development, education and housing. Ellen's particular passion is creating and facilitating meaningful dialogue that leads ... Read More

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