Wildfire Planning and Recovery: lessons Learned for Local Planner and Decision-makers

APA Idaho


Thursday, October 12, 2017
2:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. MDT

CM | 1.25

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The objective of this session is to: 

1.    present current information and findings from a research project focusing on wildfires in the Idaho WUI and risk perceptions,

2.    introduce the concept of an urban-rural divide in Idaho and its implications for wildfire decision making,

3.    outline a state wide strategy to increase awareness among planners and local decision-makers about actions they can take to address wildfire hazards, and

4.    generate discussion of the role of the planning profession in minimizing the risk of wildfire and mitigating the negative impacts of wildfire in the Wildland Urban Interface

The session relates to the theme of “Plan Big” through its focus on wildfire, and its implications across both urban and rural areas in the state, and through its broader focus on the urban- rural divide in Idaho and decision making, in general. 


The session will offer insight and information on wildfire related planning challenges and opportunities. Attendees will learn about current research and planning approaches to address wildfire issues across the state, as well as the planner’s role in mitigating the negative impacts of wildfire on communities


Deanna Smith

Confirmed Speaker


Jaap Vos

Confirmed Speaker

Eric Lindquist

Confirmed Speaker

Dr. Eric Lindquist is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Service, at Boise State University. Dr. Lindquist’s research interests are in public policy and decision processes, agenda setting, emerging technologies, earth systems governance, and the impact of focusing events on public policy. His most recent projects focus ... Read More

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