Historic Bridges

Ohio LTAP Center / Ohio Depart


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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         Round Peg/Square Hole: Developing the Guidelines for RehabilitatingHistoric Covered Bridges”

         Fifteen years in the making, the National Park Service publication, is one of the final deliverables  that NPS  Historic

         American Engineering Record will produce for FHWA's National Covered Bridges Preservation Program. The initiative has

         funded the rehabilitation of over 200 covered bridges nationwide since 2002, as well as educational and research

         projects by both HAER and United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Products Laboratory.  Once published, the

         Guidelines will be a useful resource for educating engineers, State Historic Preservation Officers, Departments of

         Transportation, bridge owners, preservationists, residents, and industrial archeologists, in  preserving these historic

         symbols of American engineering for future generations.

         The Ohio Covered Bridge Fire Protection and Security Preservation Plan

         An update on the development of ODOT's Statewide Planning and Research (SPR) program to install fire protection,

         lighting and security components on Ohio's covered bridges.

         A New Bridge  Over Big Darby Creek - Balancing Environmental Impacts With Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

         In replacing the existing one-lane, two-span, 105 year old structure over National Scenic Big Darby Creek, providing

         Pickaway County with a cost-effective, low maintenance solution that improved safety remained a priority. The

         presentation will summarize the project approach, engineering, environmental, and construction challenges, and lessons

         learned in successful completion of the project.


Christopher Marston

Invited Speaker

‎HAER Architect at National Park Service

Ron Mattox

Invited Speaker

Program Director at Woolpert

Brooks Vogel

Invited Speaker

Professional Engineer, LEED AP. at Korda/Nemeth Engineering, Inc. Read More

Brian Metz

Invited Speaker

Senior Professional Partner at TranSystems Corp.

Tom Less

Invited Speaker

Bridge Engineer at Woolpert

Joe Warino

Invited Speaker

Senior Director of Ohio Construction Management at PRIME AE Group, Inc. Read More

Anthony Neff

Invited Speaker

P.E., P.S., Chief Deputy County Engineer

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Jerry Garrison, Jerry.Garrison@dot.ohio.gov