Mitigation and Restoration

Ohio LTAP Center / Ohio Depart


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. EDT

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         Stream and Landscape Restoration Marks Start of Transformation ofFormer Golf Course to Urban Ecological Park

         When Cleveland Metroparks acquired a 155-acre former golf course in Lyndhurst, Ohio, they recognized its potential to

         enhance local ecology and become a new gem in the region’s “Emerald Necklace.” Acacia Reservation is now

         transforming into a model urban ecological preserve that will provide wildlife habitat, slow down and clean polluted

         storm water, and offer unique ways to enjoy and appreciate nature.  After Cleveland Metroparks completed an

         ecological restoration master plan to guide this transformation, Metroparks and Biohabitats (designer and contractor

         using a design-build project delivery model) are bringing it to life, starting with three ecological restoration projects: Euclid

         Creek floodplain reconnection, daylighting of an intermittent tributary that flows into Euclid Creek, and restoration of

         swales underlain with drainage tiles that once helped drain the golf course by constructing a series of riffle pool

         complexes to store and slow runoff from the former golf course.  Nearly 8,000 trees, shrubs, vines, and plugs, were

         plants and over 370 lbs. of native seed were broadcast.  Challenges and unique aspects of the project will be described.

         What Happens When an Immovable Force Meets an Immotile Obstruction?  Transportation and the Freshwater Mussel

         Adult freshwater mussels are essentially immotile.  These creatures are mobile, but they are not fast enough to avoid

         imminent harm. Conditions such as construction equipment, sedimentation, and staging areas were not present in their

         environment during their evolution.  Subsequently, these conditions can cause certain death for freshwater mussels. 

         These situations have led to the protection of all freshwater mussels in Ohio. This presentation will link the biology and

         ecology of mussels to their realities of transportation projects, which intersect at the Ohio Mussels Protocols, jointly

         written by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  These

         protocols will be presented through a review of real project examples and the requirements of the protocols in the context

         of how mussels live, where mussels are found, and how rare and endangered species of mussels will impact the timing

         and extent of in-stream construction activities will be discussed.

         Huff Run Watershed Restoration:  How Mitigation Moneys are Helping Complete the Story

         The Huff Run watershed was historically mined for coal through both surface mining and deep mining. In 1996, a

         watershed group was formed to direct reclamation of Abandoned Mine Land and mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage

         resulting from the mining impacts. Celebrating over 20 years of efforts, the watershed group along with State and

         Federal Agency cooperation has completed 15 remediation projects valued at over five million dollars. Previous

         restoration efforts have been successful in improving chemical and biological water quality; however, efforts fell just

         short of achieving Warm Water Habitat status.  ODOT permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation for SUM-76

         construction impacts has funded stream restoration in the lower 2 miles helping Huff Run meet the ultimate goal,

         attainment of its aquatic life use designation.


Suzanne Hoehne

Invited Speaker

Ecological Engineer at Biohabitats, Inc.

Sean McDermott

Invited Speaker

Chief Planning and Design Officer at Cleveland Metroparks Read More

Michael Hoggarth

Invited Speaker

Professor at Otterbein University & Principal Ecologist at STONE Environmental Engineering & Science, Inc. Read More

Teagon Loew

Invited Speaker

Project Ecologist at Stone Environmental Engineering & Science, Inc. Read More

Nancy Seger

Invited Speaker

Senior Engineer at Oxbow River & Stream Restoration, Inc. Read More

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