Emerging Methods to Monitor Air Quality in High-Traffic Environments

Ohio LTAP Center / Ohio Depart


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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         Low-cost Environmental Sensors in a Smart City Environment

         At present, noise and air pollution data are limited in many near-road environments due to a lack of monitoring stations

         and/or low reporting frequencies. For enhanced data collection, an environmental sensor package has been assembled

         and deployed near roads, schools, and health centers. Data transmission leverages smart and connected infrastructure

         that is rapidly becoming available in urban areas.

         Spatial and Temporal Variation of PM2.5 in Cincinnati: From Measurement to Source Apportionment

         Capturing spatial and temporal variations in air quality is important for assessing potential human exposure. Efforts in this

         work focus on the Cincinnati metro area and include 1) temporal interpolation modeling of air quality monitoring data; 2)

         exploring the relationship between local emissions and meteorology to assess spatial differences in air pollution; and 3)

         conducting near-road monitoring under varying traffic states.

         Using Transit Vehicles to Monitor Air Quality

         Regulatory monitoring sites cannot adequately capture the air pollution in urban micro-environments due to spatial

         heterogeneity in land use, pollutant sources, and meteorology. Because transit buses cover large portions of urban areas

         and do so in a predictable and repeated spatial pattern, they can lead to improved spatiotemporal sampling of air quality

         data. This work describes a pilot study using low-cost air quality sensors deployed on transit buses on The Ohio State

         University's campus.


Sivaraman Balachandran

Invited Speaker

Environmental Engineer at the University of Cincinnati Read More

Jonathan Corey

Invited Speaker

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management, University of Cincinnati Read More

Andrew May

Invited Speaker

Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering at The Ohio State University Read More

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