Re:(Anything) - From Revitalization to Resilence

APA North Carolina Chapter


Wednesday, September 27, 2017
11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.25

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The prefix “re-” holds two contradictory connotations. It can mean “again,” or multiple repetitions, or it can mean a withdrawal or reversal. This panel will provide a thought-provoking examination of  the complexities contained within planning topics like revitalization, resiliency, and reinvestment, all of which are viewed by some as progress, others as regression, and still others as both. Through these divergent meanings we explore the incongruities in planning-related endeavors: the displacement that can occur through revitalization, the resistance to resilience, the disinvestment that precedes reinvestment, and more. 


At the panel, we will hear from planning practitioners and academics. We will discuss strategies for re-engaging communities to create healthy built environments based on the Charlotte Plan4Health initiative, assess public housing revitalization in Winston-Salem through HUD's Choice Neighborhoods program, discuss the impacts of coal ash waste alongside recommendations for remediation, and explore the use of rezoning for redevelopment.


The session will be organized as a panel discussion, led by the Carolina Planning Journal student editor, with ample time for audience questions and idea sharing. Participants will leave this session with a greater understanding of the ways in which planners seek to build community resilience and plan responsible revitalization projects. 


Carly Hoffmann

Invited Speaker


Libbie Weimer

Invited Speaker

Libbie Weimer recently completed a master's in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UNC Chapel Hill with a specialization in Land Use and Environmental Planning. She is interested in the connections between energy production, water quality, and environmental justice. Weimer currently splits her time between academic research ... Read More

Caroline Dwyer, AICP

Invited Speaker

Caroline Dwyer, AICP is a Senior Planner with Renaissance Planning, based out of the firm's Durham, North Carolina office. Caroline's academic and professional experiences in the areas of sustainability and resiliency have given her unique understanding of these concepts, and how to incorporate them into planning effectively. Caroline ... Read More

Michelle Nance, AICP

Invited Speaker

Michelle E. Nance, AICP is the Planning Director for the Centralina Council of Governments, providing planning services to nine counties in the greater Charlotte region. She directs the Council’s work related to land use and transportation, healthy community initiatives, energy and the environment. Her work is focused on helping ... Read More

Cara Isher-Witt

Invited Speaker

Cara Isher-Witt, AICP is an Associate at CodeWright Planners, a Durham, NC-based planning and zoning consultancy. She holds a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of City and Regional Planning. Cara is passionate about assisting local governments with preparing implementation-oriented plans, sensible and effective zoning codes, and equitable economic ... Read More

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