Food Hubs & Urban Farming

APA Illinois Chapter


Wednesday, September 13, 2017
11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

CM | 1.25

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How is the Chicago-region developing distribution systems designed to move locally produced food into mainstream markets?  What policy or planning efforts are in place to promote urban farming?  A panel discussion with academics, practitioners and policy advocates for local, resilient and progressive food production and distribution. 


Learning Objectives


• Explain the concept of Food Hubs and why they are important now and for the future.  How are they different from traditional food distribution systems?  How has the agriculture changed in the region over the past few decades and what policy or cultural shifts are at play. 


• Insights into the landscape of food security and political climate regionally, nationally and internationally. 


• How does urban farming fit into the mix?  From policy, technological and resiliency angles.  Specific examples of technological innovations, implementation, execution and potential expansion or repetition.  Explore the barriers or incentives currently in place regionally.  Discuss examples from other regions with robust community-based growing initiatives and their impacts versus commercial farming opportunities and potential.


• The current position of the region relative to preparedness or equity.


• What is the economic impact of food production, processing and delivery on the Chicago region?  Where do we stack relative to other counties or states?  What do you see other communities doing and how does it affect such things as food equity and economic output.


Tyler Strom

Tyler Strom is managing director for FARM Illinois (The Food and Agriculture Roadmap for Illinois), a statewide association organized to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated 21st-century strategic plan for food and agriculture in Illinois. Released in May 2015, the association’s foundational roadmap pairs the innovation and global ... Read More

Lynsey Sorrell

Principal at Perimeter Architects Illinois Institute of Technology Perimeter Architects is an award-winning Chicago-based architecture and design practice interested in the exploration of urban environments. Read More

Molly Meyer, M.Sc., GRP, LEED Green

Molly Meyer, M.Sc., GRP, LEED Green Associate, is the CEO & Founder of Omni Ecosystems and the Co-Founder and Co-Manager of The Roof Crop. At Omni Ecosystems, Molly leads Omni's strategy and business development and oversees Omni's product innovation and field operations. She founded Omni with the mission to democratize access to natural spaces, and to create an organization that continuously engages in bold endeavors that elevate the triple bottom line: ecological, financial, and social. Molly's background couples her academic training at Stanford University in systems problem-solving and biogeochemical research with field experience in construction means and methods, gained working as a carpenter and green roofs installer as a Robert Bosch Fellow in Germany. Her unique and rich experience in Germany was foundational in redefining the American green roof industry with Omni's groundbreaking comprehensive green roof system. Molly is adept at developing and actualizing creative solutions to needs across the field; her inventions include Omni’s patented living wall panel and patent-pending green roof drainage system. The Roof Crop farms Omni green roofs and sells the produce from those roof farms. As a co-founder and co-manager at TRC, Molly ... Read More

Dr. Daniel Block

Professor of Geography at Chicago State University University of California, Los Angeles Read More

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