Innovative Approaches to Mitigation and Resiliency Planning

APA North Carolina Chapter


Thursday, September 28, 2017
2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.25

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Session will provide innovative approaches to reducing vulnerability and bolstering the local economy for a community in the wake of repetitive, substantial flooding events.  This presentation will provide an overview of these efforts and define lessons the community has learned through these experiences.

This session will focus on providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the overburdening impacts that repetitive flooding can have on a community.  The Town of Windsor, having flooded five (5) times since Hurricane Floyd in 1999, has been forced to look toward more innovative and comprehensive approaches to disaster relief.  The Town's Central Business District was substantially inundated with flood waters twice in 2016 and has experienced the same damaging impacts through each event dating back to Hurricane Floyd.  This economic instability and repetitive loss of property, especially to a Town's commercial core, has threatened the foundation the Town has been built upon since its incorporation.  The Town has been forced to make difficult decisions that will serve to reduce vulnerability, while preserving and maintaining investment in the community.  The Town of Windsor is a vibrant and thriving rural community that has been forced to consider options that may not have been considered viable in the past.  This session will provide a case study of the continued impacts of hurricanes and riverine flooding throughout eastern North Carolina.  The Town of Windsor will serve as a case study on how a community can think creatively and establish short- and long-term solutions that will serve current businesses, as well as spark long-term investment in the local economy.


Burrell Montz

Invited Speaker


Landin Holland

Invited Speaker

Landin Holland earned his B.S. in both Urban and Regional Planning and Geography, as well as a M.A in Public Administration from East Carolina University. He has worked for HCP since late 1998. His principle focus has been on land use planning, hazard mitigation planning, provision of local ... Read More

Allen Castelloe

Invited Speaker

Mr. Castelloe has served as Town Administrator and Finance Officer of Windsor, North Carolina, since 2003. He has completed extensive course work in management and organizational development, real estate, and municipal administration. Prior to assuming duties as Town Administrator, Mr. Castelloe held the position of Emergency Management Coordinator for Bertie ... Read More

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