Neighborhood and Community Transportation Studies - Process, Recommendations, and Lessons Learned

APA Illinois Chapter


Thursday, September 14, 2017
2:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. CDT

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KLOA, Inc has performed neighborhood and community-wide transportation studies for many municipalities, including the following:


• Riverside (Village-wide study)

• Downers Grove (Four neighborhood studies)

• Naperville (One neighborhood study)

• Mount Prospect (18 neighborhood studies)

• Darien (City-wide study)

• Oak Park (Safe Routes to School study)

• La Grange (Various studies)


Overall, the objective of these studies are to thoroughly examine the existing transportation conditions, identify operational deficiencies, and recommend modifications and/or improvements to enhance vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle safety.  This includes addressing some or all of the primary transportation concerns of most residents and community leaders, vehicular volume, cut-through traffic, vehicular speeds, and overall safety. The presentation will discuss the process of performing these studies, the type of recommendations developed as part of these studies, and some of the valuable lessons that are learned. Some of the keys elements to these studies are as follows.


Holistic and Proactive Approach. Transportation issues are often examined individually in reaction to community complaints and do not consider how changes affect and fit with the rest of the system. In contrast, these studies evaluate the entire neighborhood or community from the inside out with the intent of developing comprehensive and coordinated recommendations that address the entire transportation system.


Education Process. The perception of a transportation system’s operation is often based on anecdotal evidence as opposed to data and analyses.  These studies help to educate community leaders, staff, and residents as to how the transportation system is actually operating by performing extensive data collection efforts and analyses and comparing the results to local and national standards.


Community Input. The design and operation of the transportation system often evokes strong and emotional opinions and system modifications can present a number of challenges and can be costly. As such, these studies require working closely with and seeking input from community leaders, staff, and residents throughout the process.


Michael A. Werthmann, PE, PTOE

Principal, KLOA, Inc. and Civil Engineering Consultant Kenig, Lindgren, O'Hara, Aboona, Inc. (KLOA, Inc.) Northwestern University - Kellogg School Read More

Eric D. Russell, P.E

Principal at KLOA, Inc. George Washington University Read More

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